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Tina Watkins EST EEBW3

~ Tina Watkins ~
NeuroKinetic TherapyEquine NeuroKinetic TherapyDr. Nicole RombachCalgary, AB
Riva’s RemediesEquine Practitioner ProgramMarijke van de WaterCalgary, AB
The Divine OracleUsui Reiki Level TwoKaren NeulsOkotoks, AB
The Divine OracleUsui Reiki Level OneKaren NeulsOkotoks, AB
The Divine OracleUsui Reiki Master/TeacherKaren NeulsOkotoks, AB
Equinology Inc.Advanced Massage​Debranne Pattillo​Calgary, AB
Equinology Inc.​​​​Biomechanics and Gate Abnormalities​​Dr Hillary Clayton​​Lansing, MI
​​Equinology Inc.​​Saddle Fitting and Principles of Shoeing​Dr Kerry Ridgeway​​​Calgary, AB
Equinology Inc.​Equine Myofascial Release I​​​Ruth Mitchell​​Silverado, CA
​​Equinology Inc.​Equine Myofascial Release II​​Ruth Michell​​​​Petaluma, CA
Equinology Inc.​​​Equine Sports Medicine and Science​Dr Steven Wickler -DVM, Ph. D​​​​​San Luis Obispo, CA
​​​​​Upledger Institute​Equine Craniosacral Therapy – Leval I​Jim Green – BC, LMT, CST-D​​​​Toronto, ON
​Equinology Inc.​Equine Craniosacral Therapy – Leval II​​​​Gail Wetzler​​​​Silverado, CA
​​​BC College of Equine Therapy​​​​Equine Therapy Practitioner Program; Two Year Certification Course​Dave CollinsVernon, BC​
​BC College of Equine Therapy​​​Saddle Fitting​Dave Collins​​​Vernon, BC
BC College of Equine Therapy​​Bitting Principles​​​​Len Cook​​Vernon, BC
BC College of Equine Therapy​​Principles of Dentistry​​Dr Denton Moffet​Vernon, BC
Mind. Body and Soul Therapy​​Polarity Therapy​​Yelena Skrinnikoff​Vernon, BC
Mind. Body and Soul Therapy​​​Complete Body Analysis​​Yelena SkrinnikoffVernon, BC
Academy of Equine DentistryAdvanced Equine Anatomy; Five Day Dissection​​Dr Deb Bennett – PHD​​Glenn’s Ferry, ID
Michigan State University;​ Mary McPhail CenterBiomechanics​​Dr Hilary Clayton​Lansing, MI
Isis Consulting​​​​Body Energy BalancingJoy MichaelsCalgary, AB
Isis Consulting​​Body Responses Therapy​Joy MichaelsCalgary,AB​
Equine Studies Institute​Bits and Bitting​Dr Deb Bennett – PHD​​Lethbridge, AB
Life Energy Therapy​​Contact Reflex Analysis​Charlene Layland​​Calgary, AB
​Equinology Inc.​Equine AcupressureSusan TenneyCalgary, AB
Equinology Inc.Equine Anatomy DiscoveryDebranne PattilloGualala, CA
​Institute for Equine Therapeutic OptionsHorse Function and TreatmentDr Kerry Ridgeway DVM​Calgary, AB
​Riva’s Remedies Ltd​​Animal Communication​​Marijke van de Water​​Armstrong, BC
​Riva’s Remedies Ltd.​​Healing Horses with Kinesiology​​Marijke van de WaterArmstrong, BC​
​Riva’s Remedies Ltd.​​​Equine Nutural Medicine and Nutrition​Marijke van de Water​​​​​Armstrong, BC
​Institute for Equine ​​Therapeutic OptionsAdvanced Horse Function and Treatment​Dr. Kerry Ridgeway DVM​​​​​Calgary, AB
​Hillary Clayton Lecturing​​​​Equine BiomechanicsHillary Clayton BVMSPHDDACVS ​MR MRCVS​​Calgary, AB
Equinology Inc.​Understanding Farrier Science and Current Trends​​​​​Henry Heymering RJF CJF​Calgary, AB
​​​​Inner Tranquility Retreat​​​​​Goddess Healing Matrix System​​​​​​Velva Dawn Silver-Hughes​​Longview, AB
​Ancient Aspirations​​​​Higher Priestess Practitioner lvl 1​Velva Dawn Silver-Hughes​Longview, AB​​
​SEM Society​​​​​​​​Experiences of Meditation​Hub GreyCalgary, AB
Ancient AspirationsHigher Priestess Practitioner lvl 2Velva Dawn Silver-HughesLongview, AB
Ancientt Aspirations​​Goddess Master level 3 ​​Velva Dawn Silver-Hughes​​Athens and Santorini, Greece​
Equinology Inc.Equine photonics red light therapyDianne JenkinsCalgary, AB
Equinology Inc.Equine nutritionDr Eleanor Kellon VMDonline
Equi-tape Inc.Equi-Taping Practitioners Training and practicum courseDr Anna Crane/Christa VeinotteCalgary, AB
Equinology Inc.Stretching and range of motion exercisesDr Nicole RombachCalgary, AB
Equinology Inc.Equine Biomechanics, Gait Abnormalities and LamenessDr Barb CrabbeCalgary, AB
Energy Equine/ Inhand Equine TherapyFrom the outside in. Evaluation and dissection dayDr Chad Hewlett/Dr Dan French/ Tina WatkinsAirdrie, AB
Equinology Inc.Equine Spinal Dysfunction: Motor control and Functional MobilizationDr Nicole RombachCalgary, AB