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Inhand equine therapy is very pleased to announce a new initiative!

We have partnered with Equi-products and Greenhawk to bring our clients the chance to try out the therapy products these shops offer. This will allow the client to experience the changes some of these innovative products can make to their horses.

Tina is really passionate about horse health as are the team members of Greenhawk and Equi-products and we have been working on innovative ways for horse owners to be able to keep the wellness flowing in between your horses treatments. Allowing clients to try some of the therapy solutions on their horses allows the owners and trainers to have confidence in purchasing these wellness investments.

All horse’s respond differently to the new technology’s so to have the chance to feel the response within each horse will be a huge help. There is such a range of products out there and they all have fantastic results but without experiencing them on your individual horse it really is hard to commit to the investment.

Each product is rentable from the individual store for the week. The client is responsible for the product the entire time of the rental as well as bringing the product back to either Tina or the store front. The rental fee will be put towards the purchase price if you do decide to purchase the item.

The foresight that both Greenhawk and Equi-products have is truly a blessing. Both of these stores are not just about selling product but about bettering the horse community one horse at a time. Both teams jumped on the chance to get products out to the horses and owners that really need them.

See and for full product information.

Watch the Inhand Equine Therapy Facebook page for videos on the products and there benefits. Fees are dependent on the product chosen.

Benefab blanket – Supplied by Greenhawk Calgary

Combining two technologies in one the Benefab blanket is a magnetic therapy unit and a ceramic nano-particles blanket. The later emits far-infrared rays keeping the tissue warm and relaxed. The magnets are placed over key acupuncture points to harmonize and stimulate recovery time. Blood flow is increased and is a powerhouse to reduce pain and stiffness.

Rambo Ionic blanket – Supplied by Equi-products

Tourmaline crystals imbedded in this blanket emit negative ions. This causes a change in the water in the horses’ body and increases blood flow, as the circulation increases so does the oxygen to tissue and the waste products from the tissue.

Rambo Ionic wraps – Supplied by Equi-products

This uses the same technology as the above blanket but in a wrap for the legs.

Ice-Vibe boots – Supplied by Equi-products

Combining the effects of vibrating massage and cooling this boot will stimulate the lymph system to remove soreness and sweeping as well as improve circulation. They can also be used daily to keep the legs tight and ward off injury.

Sportz-Vibe rug – Supplied by Equi-products

This portable massage blanket that is ideal for warm up or recovery. Helps to reduce pain and improve blood flow. It has four removable massage panels imbedded in the blanket.

Centurion Blanket – Supplied by Inhand Equine Therapy

This pulsating magnetic blanket is fabulous for increasing circulation, decreasing pain, and reducing waste products in the muscles, increasing mobility, and increasing overall general wellness. – $25 one time or $125 per week (2 free uses)

Equiband pad – Supplied by Inhand Equine Therapy

This is a core stimulation and strengthening system. The pad is equipped with two resistance bands that activate the core tissue and it does an amazing job of helping the horse to recognize how to better its overall posture. – $5 for one time or $25 for the week.

EquiCrown compression wraps – Supplied by EquiCrown Canada

These Equine compression wraps create both compression and a massage type action on the horses’ legs stimulating faster lymphatic drainage. This fluid removal takes unwanted toxins with it allowing the leg to recover faster.

Equine stability pads

This is a very valuable yet simple tool to use. Training your horse to stand on stability pads will allow you to increase the benefits you’re getting from your isometric exercises by stimulating the horses stabilizer tissue as well as increasing the engagement in your horses core structure. Rental fee, 5$ a use or $25 a week.

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