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Inhand Therapy

Founded in 1996, Inhand Equine Therapy specializes in the optimization of health and improvement of performance in equine and canine athletes through a holistic approach led by owner Tina Watkins (E.S.T. E.E.B.W 3).

Inhand Mentor me

Tina Watkins EST, EEBW3 desire to help the equine body work community has been growing for the last several years. The body work community has embraced Tina as a mentor locally and the expansion of this was the next step. 

Inhand Collaborations

When working in the equine industry there is one word that comes up often surrounding the wellness of each horse, that is TEAM.  It takes a team of professionals to bring a horse to its fullest potential and it isn’t about one individual but rather the entire team effort. 

Expand Inhand

The basis of InHand Equine Therapy has always been rooted in striving for one thing….  Mastery.  Mastery of our craft.  Constantly learning and seeking out the root of dysfunction in the client horses through investigation, and breaking down imbalances in biomechanics to craft a back to wellness program specifically designed for that particular horse. 

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Cancellation policy:
If you need to cancel your appointment, we respectfully request at least 48 hours notice. Our Policy: Any cancellation or reschedule made less than 48 hours will result in a cancellation fee. The amount of the fee will be equal to 50% of the reserved services or $50.00, whichever is more. Thank you!

All payments are due within 5 days from date of invoice. All payments shall be made without abatement, deduction, discount or setoff. Late payments are subject to a service charge of the lesser of 1.5% per month or the highest rate permitted under applicable Law. Buyer shall be liable for all costs and expenses related to collection of past due amounts, including, without limitation, attorneys’ fees and costs. If, in Seller’s judgment, the financial condition of Buyer does not justify continuance on the terms of payment above, Seller may require full or partial payment in advance or otherwise adjust the terms including ceasing to supply Buyer.