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Striving For Mastery

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“To know that one soul has breathed easier because you have lived – that is to succeed.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Striving For Mastery

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Equine therapy is a complimentary therapy to enhance your horse’s wellness. The Team approach is the circle of influence that will bring your horse’s height of wellness. Massage Therapy is not a replacement for veterinary medicine.

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About Inhand

Founded in 1996, Inhand Equine Therapy specializes in the optimization of health and improvement of performance in equine and canine athletes through a holistic approach led by owner Tina Watkins (EST EEBW3).

Denise Kent
Denise Kent
Tina has a tremendous amount of knowledge with everything regarding your equine partner; from body movement, fitness, and nutrition. Tina is every easy to communicate with and she always takes the time to provide a detailed explanation to my inquiries. Tina/Inhand provided guidance in creating a fitness plan after my horse had an injury last year. The Inhands Mentor Me is a fabulous program for anyone with a horse in your life, whether you ride or not ! Great detail and so much to learn with hands on practice on a horse. Tina gives feedback while practicing which is great as you can confirm you are doing the techniques correctly. I truly appreciate the wealth of knowledge Tina has and am grateful knowing I can reach out with questions anytime.
Morgan Cruikshank
Morgan Cruikshank
Since starting to have my horses worked on by Tina at Inhand I have been so thrilled with the results. Along with the chiropractic work I have done on them the massage/body work Tina does has made a world of difference in their comfort, movement and performance. Not only does Tina help my horses feel their very best she also make sure they continue to be their best in between visits with so many at home exercises and stretches specially picked and suited to the horses and their and individual needs. I always feel my horses and I are cared for in the best way possible, with kindness and compassion from Tina, as well as amazing communication during and in between visits. I have and will continue to recommend these services to anyone who is looking for a body worker for their horses. I can’t say enough good about Tina and Inhand! -Morgan
Kim Berti
Kim Berti
My horse has been a client of Tina's since I bought him in 2020. Tina strives to give him the best care she can and is always on hand to support us at all times. She is a superstar!
Tanya Grondzil
Tanya Grondzil
Tina is amazing. My horse loves auntie Tina! I would give 6 stars if I could!
Tina was amazing! She was very knowledgeable and even recommend some things we could do on our own to improve our horse’s health.
Joanne Chambers
Joanne Chambers
I have been a client of Inhand Equine Therapy (for my horse and dogs) for three years. Tina and Cassidy are great with my four legged family - I always see an improvement after each massage.
Tina and her team are an important part of our horses development . Her knowledge of the horse and her interest in our personal goals make it a perfect combination to assist both horse and rider. As we all know when dealing with horses its not always sunshine and roses and she's definitely been a big part of helping me navigate some challenging issues . Not to mention she works closely with Energy Equine which has been an invaluable resource. She also communicates with my coach and provides homework and excercises following a treatment to address weaknesses to improve balance and strength. Again it takes a team and I want to say Thank You Tina and Inhand Equine Therapy for keeping us and our horses happy partners 🥰🐴
Adam Passey
Adam Passey
Tina has been our horse’s therapist for many years, and she has definitely increased his overall health, wellbeing and longevity. She is extremely knowledgeable, thorough and professional. I highly recommend any horse owner to use her services.

Education and growth is a core value of Inhand Equine Therapy, and each member of the Inhand team is always #strivingformastery. Firm in the belief that the more one learns of the function of the body, the more one learns there is so much more yet to be discovered, Inhand’s equine therapists are always learning to provide clients with the cutting edge session protocols.

Our Services

Inhand Equine Therapy Services

Inhand Equine Therapy works very closely as an integral part of an athlete’s wellness team including veterinarians, farriers, equine dentists, saddle fitters, other bodyworkers and trainers, to develop a plan of action that will address optimum health and increase performance of the athlete. This commitment to working in conjunction with the entire wellness team of each client is rooted in the knowledge that interaction of the entire team provides that most benefit to each equine and canine athlete – not simply the management of isolated symptoms. This team approach also gives clients a depth of knowledge that involves the entire wellness circle of wellness surrounding the horse.

Inhand Therapy

Founded in 1996, Inhand Equine Therapy specializes in the optimization of health and improvement of performance in equine and canine athletes through a holistic approach led by owner Tina Watkins (E.S.T. E.E.B.W 3).

Inhand Mentor Me

Tina's desire to help the equine bodywork community has been growing for several years and in turn, the local community has embraced Tina as a mentor. The expansion of this part of Inhand's business was the next step. 

Inhand Collaborations

When working in the equine industry, there is one word that often comes up surrounding the wellness of each horse; 'team'. It takes a team of professionals to bring a horse to its fullest potential and it isn’t about one individual, but rather the entire team effort. 

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The basis of Inhand Equine Therapy has always been rooted in striving for one thing; mastery; mastery of our craft. Inhand is constantly learning and seeking out the root of dysfunction in the clients' horses, through investigation and breaking down imbalances in biomechanics to craft a back-to-wellness program specifically designed for that particular horse. 

Our Therapists and Support Team

Tina Watkins EST EEBW3

Owner, Therapist and Educator

Why equine wellness? It all stems from the gift that the horses gave to Tina as a child, and the amazing connection that these magical beasts have with her soul.

Cassidy Barnert EST BSc(kin)


Cassidy believes complementary therapies are fundamental for performance, recovery and quality of life for both horse and rider.

Suzon Watkins

Suzon Watkins


Suzon Watkins has been Inhand's administration support for the last five years; she is an amazing professional who keeps the office in top shape and all the client notes and exercises rolling out at a very efficient rate.

Inhand img-2

Peter Watkins

Backbone and Farrier

Peter is the backbone of Inhand! He is the one who fills all the gaps and has always been the support system for Inhand to run from a place of mastery.

Inhand Equine Therapy - Carrie Passey

Carrie Passey

social media

Carrie started riding at 42 after raising her family. She was introduced to Tina a couple of years; later. As Carrie was starting green, Tina became an extremely important part of her horse journey!

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