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Each athlete’s time with Inhand includes a consultation to address ongoing and/or new issues, a soft tissue session, a static and dynamic postural assessment and other modalities as required to complete an entire body evaluation. Areas requiring improvement are identified and working in conjunction with riders, owners and the horse’s healthcare team, exercise plans are developed, combining good health and equine/canine physiology to achieve the goals for performance.

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Each of Inhand’s fully insured professional bodyworkers brings a unique perspective to your horse's wellness session. Inhand’s owner, Tina Watkins, is a fully insured professional therapist; she utilizes nutritional knowledge and training, herbal and homeopathic supplements, massage, aromatherapy, myofascial release, craniosacral therapy, acupressure, red light therapy, stretching, stimulation exercises, crystal therapy, kinesiology tapping, exercise programs and spinal range of motion in all sessions to reach ultimate levels of good health. Kim Krebs, Inhand consultant, also a fully insured and professional therapist, utilizes massage, craniosacral, myofascial release, acupressure, stretching, kinesiology tapping, stimulation exercises and exercise programs. Having knowledge in different modalities of soft tissue treatment enables Inhand practitioners to bring a varied approach to deal with muscle soreness and dysfunction. Because not all problems in a body will respond to one modality, Inhand’s wide array of experience and tools allows the flexibility to work with athletes in the best form for them.

Our Therapists and Support Team

Tina Watkins EST EEBW3

Owner, Therapist and Educator

Why equine wellness? It all stems from the gift that the horses gave to Tina as a child, and the amazing connection that these magical beasts have with her soul.

Cassidy Barnert EST BSc(kin)


Cassidy Barnert believes complementary therapies are fundamental for performance, recovery and quality of life for both horse and rider.

Suzon Watkins

Suzon Watkins


Suzon Watkins has been Inhand's administration support for the last five years. She is an amazing professional who keeps the office in top shape and all the client notes and exercises rolling out at a very efficient rate.

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Peter Watkins

Backbone and Farrier

Peter is the backbone of Inhand! He is the one who fills all the gaps, and has always been the support system for Inhand to run from a place of mastery.

Inhand Equine Therapy - Carrie Passey

Carrie Passey

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Carrie started riding at 42 after raising her family. She was introduced to Tina a couple of years' later. As Carrie was starting green, Tina became an extremely important part of her horse journey!

Association And Membership

  • EC: Active Member; Equine Canada
  • AEF: Active Member; Alberta Equestrian Federation
  • CA/ADA: Active Member; Canadian Association/Alberta Dressage Association
  • DC: Active Member; Dressage Canada
  • IAAMB: International association of animal massage and bodywork
  • FEI: Federation Equestre Internationale
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