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Conditioning Study: Amado Sirena, assessment and outcomes



Follow Amado Sirena, AKA Sirena, a 2003 Andalusian FEI dressage mare as she progresses through our conditioning study.
This collaborative effort between Energy Equine Veterinary Services and Inhand Equine Therapy, follows this horse's journey through our conditioning study. Sirena was added to the study to show participants how this program can return a horse to work after a sudden break.
This mare’s rider sustained a back injury at the end of the previous show season, and the mare went from full work to no work. This case had the complexity of the horses age as a factor. This case study also showed that even elite level athletes using this program will create a stronger core than with riding alone.  This allows the horse to perform at a higher potenial in their chosen discipline.

This case study will show horse owners how horses of any age can be brought back to full performance with a methodical plan. Beginning with core stimulation and strengthening as our priority.

In this study the participant will go through a complete veterinary and body worker static and dynamic evaluation exam.
This course includes biomechanical and movement assessment in several camera views.  Allowing you to listen in on the attending veterinarian and professional body worker as they talk through their findings of the movement and how imbalances will effect the horses wellbeing. This information will give a deeper understanding to the importance of an in-depth evaluation and what the information provided at this evaluation can do to help horses work towards performance goals.

In buying this course;

-complete movement assessment
-biomechanical significance as pertaining to individual horses
-round table discussion
-veterinary diagnosis
-ultrasound results
- participants will glean understanding of movement as it pertains to this individual
-the wellness steps taken to address this horses needs from a veterinary and body worker perspective
-Information from the owner on what results came from the program

Participants that are in the current equine wellness field will enjoy this program as a phenomenal teaching too.

-  showing a full static and dynamic evaluation protocol
- adding movement assessment tips, insights and guided visuals from multiple angles
-liistening to both the veterinary and bodyworker perspective on this case will also solidify the team approach and its importance to every horses wellness protocol

Invested in the team approach Dr Chad Hewlett DVM of Energy Equine places a high value on working with other team members. With a working relationship of over 20 years, Tina Watkins EST EEBW3 highly values Dr. Hewlett's expertise. Bringing valuble insights and support, Kim Krebs EST EEBW and Megan Orange AHT RVT added invaluble knowledge that rounded out the team on this study. Together, Energy Equine and Inhand make a fantastic collaboration.  For more information on the professionals involved in this study visit their websites.

What's involved in the course

  • Static Evaluation
  • Dynamic Evaluation
  • Ground Exercises
  • Isometric Exercises
  • Stretches
  • Round Table Discussion

What You'll Learn

  • 01 Amado Sirena

    • 1 Amado Sirena, aka Sirena, Case Study
    • 2 Conditioning study Energy Equine Veterinary and InHand Equine Therapy: Horse intros – Sirena
    • 3 Conditioning Study – General Round Table Discussion
    • 4 Conditioning study – Physical overview
    • 5 Complete Case study, movement assessments, protocols and outcomes.