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Conditioning Study: The Program (Exercises & Tracking Sheet)


Here is the complete program that the horses in the conditioning study used. This program includes exercises that target;

- building core tissue
- building stability
- topline posture
- improved balance
- postural symmetry
- overall strength
- optimal posture

This program is safe for any sound horse and very effective.
This program is presented in video fashion, with full descriptions of how the handler performs them, and what to watch for to ensure the horse is doing them correctly.
This user friendly program was developed to create baseline condition to prepare a horse for riding, or be an adjunct to your current riding program to target the afore mentioned zones of the horse.

Working with countless clients over the past 26 years has allowed me to work with all types of horse lovers. The one thing that carries through with all equine enthusiasts is that they want their horse(s) to flourish. There are many factors when developing a program for an athlete and one that gets questioned often is, why take the time for the inhand work? We all know that stretches, range of motion exercises, core balancing and isometrics are important. But most riders just want to ride!!
Inhand wanted to see if a simple program could be proven to make significant changes in the horse. Allowing for multi discipline, handler skill level, and different breeds, could the same result be achieved.
This program, if applied consistently, can do just that for you and your horse. We are excited to have you dive in and make today the first day towards a stronger athletic partner, no matter if you're a pleasure rider, or looking at riding a top performance horse. Or somewhere in between.

What You'll Learn

  • 01 Conditioning Study: The Program, exercises and tracking sheet

    • 1 The Conditioning Program
    • 2 Monthly tracking, page 1
    • 3 Monthly tracking, page 2
    • 4 Monthly tracking, page 3
    • 5 Monthly tracking, page 4
    • 6 Monthly tracking, page 5
    • 7 Monthly tracking2020.pdf