Give me ALL the Inhand Equine/Energy equine case studies, with the exercises!


Would you like the ultimate package? Want to learn from all the horses in the study?
This is the package for you!

In this complete package, participants will have the full scoop on all the horses in the conditioning study done by Inhand Equine Therapy and Energy Equine Veterinary Services.

The added value of this package is as a reference to the comprehensive utilization of comparison on a wide range of equine athletes.

You will also recieve
- the full program the horses in the study used to alter their posture/performance
-tips, tricks and correct mechanics behind doing these exercises on your horse

This package is also the ultimate learning tool, as you will get to go through;
- full movement assesments, evaluations
- individual athletic challenges
-  how the exercises chosen brought symmetry, postural change and movement changes for each athlete

Although the program was the same for the four horses, the challenges each horse had were unique. The postural changes that were achieved, and the wellness outcome for each horse was different. The program universally brought each horses strength, soundness and mobility to a new postive level.  The program also lead to valuable information that each horses owners were able to carry forward to the riding program to make that area of the horses athletic endeavour better.

Working this in-depth with these professionals on four separate cases allows the participant a rare opportunity to participate as an active member of the wellness team.   As you will have learned from the program, adaptive patterning is universal to all athletes. This study focuses on bringing the commonality of evaluations and prescribed treatment together!


Conditioning Study: Amado Sirena, assessment and outcomes


Conditioning study: Flew to the Moon, assessment and outcomes


Conditioning study: Neverey Cat, assessment and outcomes


Conditioning study: Prince of Wales, assessment and outcomes


Conditioning Study: The Program, exercises and tracking sheet


What's involved in the course

  • Static Evaluation
  • Dynamic Evaluation
  • Ground Exercises
  • Isometric Exercises
  • Stretches
  • Round Table Discussion

What You'll Learn