Inhand Mentor Me – Basic Massage


Join the Inhand Equine therapy team as we guide you through a basic equine massage routine. This course will allow horse owners, grooms, and caregivers the skills to safety apply a full body equine massage. In this course the participant will have a brief lecture on massage practice, including the why’s, when’s and how’s of massage. Talking through the contraindications of massage, and what to look for if you need to have another wellness team member in to evaluate your horse. This course is filmed during a live equine basic massage course, and includes questions from participants and visuals of participants working. This will simulate being in a class, and the questions do bring forth points from a participant view that help to gain deeper understanding of correct application of strokes and real world concerns when learning massage.

This course will allow the participant to understand how to work all regions of the horse, and get a solid understanding of two basic strokes used in massage.

What You'll Learn

  • 01 Inhand Mentor Me

    • 1 Basic Massage
    • 2 Mentor Me – Massage basics.pdf