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Inhand Team Talk: Dr. Jenn Fowlie DVM, BSc, MSc – Suspensory Injury, The Hidden Culprit


Suspensory ligament injuries are common in the equine athlete, and they can present as complex and frustrating cases to deal with. This talk aims to present the steps involved in recognizing and diagnosing suspensory ligament pain, and to discuss the potential treatment options. As suspensory pain is often recognized as one piece of the puzzle in an athletic horse, it is important to evaluate for and treat other sources of pain in the horse. As with all soft tissue injuries, avoidance of re-injury is very important for the long term success of treating these injuries, and thus emphasis on rehab and strengthening long-term will be discussed.

NOVEMBER 22, 2023
7:00-8:00 LECTURE, 8:00-8:30 Q AND A

$30 per lecture or $135 for the Team Talks series


What You'll Learn

  • 1 Inhand Team Talk – Dr. Jenn Fowlie DVM, BSc, MSc