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Mentor Me: Professional Series (Head, Neck & Poll)


Our Mentor Me for the professional series is a deep dive into specific areas of the body, and what we are looking for within these regions. We go through anatomy and function to allow the equine professional to understand the biomechanics specific to this region. In these courses, you will learn assessment techniques to be available to evaluate this specific region, and understand what the evaluation means to both the horses movement and functional balance.  We will equate these in balances back to what you’re feeling as a bodyworker and a trainer, and how to differentiate primary problems from secondary or compensatory issues.

Topics included, 

Join us for a deep dive into the horses head, neck, and poll. We will create an understanding of how the passive system of the neck and the back function together, we will dive into cervical range of motion, as well as the interplay between the neck, being used as a lever for balance, and the locomotor functions within the neck.

  • Anatomy 
  • Biomechanics
  • Assessment 
  • Common imbalances and how to address them

What You'll Learn

(1) Mentor Me - Professional series - Head/Neck and poll - Slide show

Here the participant will have slide show of what is being presented. This is great for note taking and will spark questions for further study. There is also a section of activations and stretches that apply to this region of the body.

(2) Mentor Me - Professional series - Head/Neck and poll - Video portion

Here the participant will watch both the lecture and the lab portion of the mentorship evening.

What You'll Learn

  • 1 Mentor Me – Professional series – Head/Neck and poll
  • 2 Mentor Me – Professional series – Head/Neck and poll