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Saddle Fit Checklist


A free, detailed overview for owners to check their own saddle and determine if it's needing further assessment or adjustments from their equine professional. Useful for both English and Western disciplines.

Join your Inhand team as we walk you though some simple steps that you can do at home to evaluate your saddle. This course applies to english and wester riders, and will give you real world tips to know if you need a professional saddle fitter to come and help adjust your saddle, ensuring the comfort and wellness of your horse. This course comes with a PDF you can take to the barn and work through a check list, this added value will be something you will want to keep in your barn, comparing season to season how your horse changes in his stucture.

What You'll Learn

  • 01 Saddle Fit Checklist

    • 1 Saddle Fit Checklist – SD
    • 2 Saddle Checklist-14.pdf