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Saddle Fitting With Danny Kroetch


Learn from a master saddle fitter, Danny Kroetch of DK Saddlery. All aspects of saddle fitting from horse conformation, tree shape, girthing, saddle pads and more are covered in this short course.
More on DK Saddlery can be found through his website at:

Danny Kroetch has great passion for saddles and it shows in his lectures. He is a dynamic speaker and not only does he have decades of experience he is also a researcher, carrying out several studies in europe. The combination of his real world knowlege and the data gathered from the studies allows Danny to fit even the most challenging of horses. In this talk you will hear Danny's philosophy on saddle fitting, the whys and hows of saddle fitting and tips to check your own tack.

What You'll Learn

  • 01 Saddle Fit Essentials, collaboration with Inhand and DK Saddlery

    • 1 Saddle Fit
    • 2 English saddles
    • 3 Western saddles
    • 4 Girthing
    • 5 Saddle pads
    • 6 Bonus