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Lee Chalmers

“It was in June when I first joined Tina as she channelled a healing meditation and since then I very much look forward to the Circles.Tina channels from a place of confidence with a solid connection to the Earth. As someone who finds it challenging to concentrate on ‘nothing’, Tina’s approach is loving and genuine and my wandering thoughts are quickly arrested. Tina is a natural healer and it’s no surprise she’s a remarkable messenger as well. When at one of Tina’s Circles you can count on the energetic vibration to be epic! I come away feeling centred and content every time!”


Barb Wright

Tina is a personal friend of mine. Tina is a strong channel with absolutely beautiful energy and healing. She is exceptionally gifted and it is very enlightening to work with her. Tina has a direct connection to her Divine Sources and brings forth powerful energies that assist in one’s understanding of their soul purpose, personal growth and healing. Every time I work with Tina I receive energies and wisdom that give me greater understanding of my life from a different aspect. Tina is positive, enthusiastic, supportive and truly helpful to others on their path to “Know Thyself”. She truly is charming and it is an honor to work with her.


Christina Wahlers MT CD

Tina is a gifted intuitive. My higher priestess practitioner session with Tina was very comfortable. She brings an innate sense of love and support throughout the session. My particular experience was quite specific and enlightening. I was left with a feelings of clarity, empowerment and a higher positivity. Tina followed up with me over the next few days offering encouragement and asking if any further support was needed from her. The shift of my thoughts over those few days was at times subtle and at other times fairly intense. I felt comfortable in the knowledge that Tina was happy to address any concerns and offer further affirmation should I need it. I look forward to further personal growth and clarity in future sessions with Tina.