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Mona Johnson

Tina Watkins has been an integral part of our dogs wellness plan for many years. We have several dogs that all compete in various sports including flyball and agility. As athletes, our dogs are required to be in top physical shape to perform at their best and Tina is able to formulate a plan for each individual dog. Through her sessions she is able to address weaknesses, address soft tissue issues and formulate a plan to get our dogs on a path to success. We completely trust and value the work she does and are very grateful to have her as part of our team. 


Kathy Macara – Rynara Kennel Perm. Reg.

My first Scottie met Tina in 1995. She had an injury from playing flyball.  Tina worked on her once a week for three weeks. The difference was incredible. After that experience all my Scotties visit Tina on a regular basis since they compete in performance events, conformation and each has been a mother. I would never enter a high drive event like agility without a tune up from Tina. She is simply the BEST. 


Jerry Lynn Morrison

Tina does an amazing job at pinpointing where my dogs are not using their bodies properly, which ends up causing them pain, and explaining it to me in layman’s language so I can understand what is wrong, and giving us exactly the right homework to strengthen the weak areas to bring their bodies back into balance