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Amy Montgomery EST – Willow Creek Equine Sports Therapy

I have taken numerous Body Worker Mentor Clinics with Tina and absolutely love them!

Tina is a very knowledgable practitioner and teacher, she easily adapts to various education levels and is very easy to talk to. Regardless of her students background she treats everyone equally and as a fellow therapist.

Tina is very encouraging and supportive, and has (continues) to help me be a more effective therapist.

I am proud to call Tina a friend and mentor. I strongly recommend her courses whether you are a Body Worker or horse enthusiast~ you will be pleasantly surprised by how much you can learn about your equine friend in one clinic!


Thalia Edwards – TE Sports Therapy

I have been fortunate enough to attend a few of Tina’s body work clinics and have been extremely impressed with the content and how the clinic is addressed. Tina has a wealth of knowledge any practitioner would be jealous of and the fact that she makes it a point to keep learning tells you the content and discussions throughout the day are very informative. Tina’s positive and cheerful attitude wears off on the group she is with. I would highly recommend any clinic that Tina offers. Whether you are just wanting to learn more about your own horse or are an equine practitioner looking at adding valuable information and techniques to your practice you will not be disappointed by the in-class and hands-on experience. 


Linda Pozniak – Pozitive Touch Equine Massage

Tina has an enormous passion for teaching. I have had the privilege of being able to TA for her on many occasions and am always amazed at her ability to connect with the participants and hold their interest.

Her upbeat and positive attitude projects onto the people attending her clinics and fires a passion in them to learn.

She has an enormous wealth of knowledge and is always striving to learn more to benefit the animals she cares for and the students she is teaching.


Bridgette Meyers – Vitality Equine

Teaching is one of the most complicated jobs out there today. It requires knowledge of a broad subject matter, a caring attitude, a love of learning, classroom management, enthusiasm and of course the desire to make a difference in the lives of students. Tina Watkins brings all of these aspects to the table- whether she is teaching a 10-day course or a 1-hour lecture! Her 20+ year experience in the industry brings upon a real-life approach to learning. If you are interested in learning more about equine or canine bodywork I would highly and genuinely recommend Tina


Sara Vold – Arrow Equine Therapy

In the equine industry, you mention Tina Watkins name there is nothing but greatness that follows suit. Not only is she one of the most charismatic people I know, but her skills and passion for what she does is indescribable. I strongly believe that any person involved within the equine world should get a chance to meet Tina at least one time. I have known Tina even before my body working career, over 10 years ago I got the opportunity to meet her when I working with Dr Chad Hewlett. Her passion and drive to help equine athletes fed my passion to follow in those footsteps. I know that what ever course Tina is teaching, or any course we take together is going to be mind blowing. Her understand of anatomy and physiology, her compassion and emotional understanding of the animal gives me goosebumps. As my all time favourite mentor, I believe that Tina doesn’t even realize how much she knows. I learn more and more from her every time I am around her, when she talks I am all ears. If she is working on your horse, your horse is receiving the best of the best care possible. So much love and respect of this woman, always learning so I have something to strive towards for my careers future! 


Les Oakes

I have been fortunate to be associated with Tina Watkins first as a body worker instructor, then as a client and today as a mentor as I progress as a body worker.  As an instructor Tina is a passionate and knowledgeable instructor who makes learning fun as well as productive.  As a body worker practitioner her expertise and desire to help our horses achieve a pain free existence shows a dedication to her craft and a desire to do what is best for the horse.  Tina’s ability to evaluate where our horses needed help was indicative of somebody who had experience and a depth of knowledge.  As a mentor Tina has become a wealth of information and an encouraging cheer leader teaching me how to become better at an exciting and fulfilling new career.


Mckenzie Russel

I’ve done several courses now with Tina and every time I leave the course I’m blown away by her wealth of knowledge! Not only does she have a great deal of knowledge and passion for the equine industry but she truly wants everyone else to succeed and share in the passion that she has. She teaches in a way that caters to all learning types, she’s patient, caring, and enthusiastic. I feel very lucky to have met Tina and gotten to know her, both as an instructor and as a person. Tina truly is one of a kind!!


Melanie Lausen – Melanie Lausen Equine Services

I do massage on horses, coach and run a boarding facility. I service the Strathmore and Calgary area. I participated in the movement pod as well as the neck and poll dysfunctions.  What I took away from the Movement Pod was more ways of looking at a horse’s movement to add to my toolbox.  Also, a good reminder of remembering to look at everything and not what is most obvious in the beginning is key to not missing other elements.In the Neck and Poll Dysfunction Pod I learned more about how the nerves coming out of the skull have a larger impact then I realized. And that sometimes a muscle could be having an issue with a nerve because where that nerve comes out of the spine may be restricted, which may not be in the same spot.  Also, as an unexpected bonus, I learned more about the sternum’s placement, leaning, rotating sometimes all those.  I was really struggling with this and was very happy to come away confident in my understanding in this.

The concept of touching in on the same topic 3 times was an amazing way of going about it.  Not only because we got to go home and put what we learned to work as well as come up with other questions,   but the 3 days did have different people bringing their own point of views so it was still like having a new teacher each time.


Cassidy Barnert – Evolution Equi-sport therapy

My major business goal for this year was continuing education and collaboration. These pods provided just that! I have participated in two pods now, the Head, Neck and Jaw Dysfunction pod, as well as the Back and SI Dysfunction pod. The biggest thing I’ve taken away from these courses is the importance of a detailed assessment. Getting to the core of the issue is where long-lasting results happen! I also really loved the opportunity to network with industry leading veterinarians and bodyworkers.  

I really enjoyed the concept of meeting three times. I didn’t feel as overwhelmed with content and was able to process the information and practice the techniques in between. After the pods, I felt fully supported by the Facebook group. I think more courses should move toward this concept. I feel like I retained so much more information than if it was just taught in a day or condensed weekend format. 


Sara Hudgins

It was presented professionally and in an order that made sense. I love the online option and I love that we can go back and re watch the videos from presentations. Currently I cannot think of anything to add. Keep doing what you are doing. I love the community aspect this is building between others in the industry. 


Linda Goodkey

The concept worked well and gave time to explore the information and materials. The forum / Facebook page gave the opportunity to discuss and share information. Seeing and hearing from the others in the class was great. I thought i may be left behind as i am not a bodyworker but i was able to keep up which helped me personally.  Hearing the information from the other people and what they work on was huge for me. 


Tiffany Burns – Leading Edge Equine Performance Therapy

Here is what she had to say about our last POD presentation she watched after attending the Study portion for SI and Back Dysfunction. “I just finished watching the Application portion and found the information incredibly helpful! Loved how you guys really went the extra mile to make sure we could hear you and show close up stills when the angle was tricky! I will be watching it back a couple times for sure🤓Thank-you Tina Snyder Watkins for sharing your wealth of knowledge, I feel throughly motivated to level up my game as a body worker🙌😎❤️


Emma Evans

I first met Tina when I became a client of Inhand and am now privileged to have Tina as a mentor. 

Tina is so passionate and she truly wants anyone who mentors with her to grow and succeed. It is a joy to spend any time in her presence as she shares her huge wealth of knowledge. Tina brings such a positive energy to every course or mentorship and inspires everyone to keep on learning and growing.

I highly recommend that anyone in the equine industry, takes a chance to either mentor with Tina or take any of the courses offered through Inhand Equine Therapy.