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Mentor Me – Shoulder, thoracic sling, abdominals and oblique (series 1, video 5)

Now lets look at the shoulder tissue. Diving into the thoracic sling tissue including the often overworked pecotrals, and serratus structure. Looking at the foreleg tissue and remembering underside of the horses barrel, an often overlooked zone. Working though the abdominals and obliques that can often be very tender.
This session is geared towards equine body workers already practicing the craft. This video series in no way is meant as a “how to” video on learning equine massage as a profession. As a professional body worker herself and an educator, Tina believes in supporting other body workers, it is through mentorship that this support will really build the industry as a whole. If your a horse owner, or just enthusiast, this series will introduce you to equine body work, and allow you to see a professional body work session in progress.

Gain insight on the shoulder, thorax and abdominal regions.