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Ask The Vet! Inhand and Dr Mark DePaolo Collaboration

Welcome to our collaboration webinar! Here Inhand Equine Therapy has partnered with DePaolo Equine concepts to bring you an ask the veterinarian webinar. Dr Mark DePaolo is an expert in

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FREE Saddle Fit Checklist for Western and English Disciplines

A free, detailed overview for owners to check their own saddle and determine if it’s needing further assessment or adjustments from their equine professional. Useful for both English and Western

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Mentor Me: Learn Basic Massage

In this basic massage mentorship video, joint Tina as she works through a basic massage routine. This series is meant for body workers already practicing and is not meant as

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Saddle Fitting With Danny Kroetch

Learn from a master saddle fitter, Danny Kroetch of DK Saddlery. All aspects of saddle fitting from horse conformation, tree shape, girthing, saddle pads and more are covered in this

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