Short course – Locomotion Pathology with Dr Chad Hewlett

Joint Dr Chad Hewlett as he talks through the fascinating topic of locomotion pathology. How a horse moves has intrigued riders for centuries, Dr Hewlett breaks down this topic into

Give me ALL the Inhand Equine/Energy equine case studies, with the exercises!

Would you like the ultimate package? Want to learn from all the horses in the study? This is the package for you! In this complete package, participants will have the

Saddle Fitting

Learn from a master saddle fitter, Danny Kroetch of DK Saddlery. All aspects of saddle fitting from horse conformation, tree shape, girthing, saddle pads and more are covered in this

Conditioning Program


Has your horse had time off, lost tissue, and needs to start back to work? Ready to bring your athlete to the next level? This is an indepth protocol that

Conditioning Study: The Program, exercises and tracking sheet

Here is the complete program that the horses in the conditioning study used. This program includes exercises that target; – building core tissue – building stability – topline posture –

Parasitology Seminar Collab with UofC

Join us for our parasitology seminar! We could not be more excited to be hosting Sara Skotarek Loch, MSc. She is the manager, Operations Diagnostic Services Unit at the univeristy

Conditioning study: Neverey Cat, assessment and outcomes

Neverey Cat, 2006 QH cutting gelding, coming back to performance condition from having two years of on and off moderate exercise. Overview Follow Neverey Cat, a 2006 QH cutting gelding

Fitness Checklist; collaboration with Motion Equine Vet Services

A quick checklist for people to work through as they bring their horses back into a fitness regime after having time off.

Conditioning study: Flew to the Moon, assessment and outcomes.

2007 Quarter horse mare, shown in cutting. Incurring a stifle injury during her performance career, she is coming back from this injury with the hopes of coming back as a

AEF Conditioning Lecture – Collaboration with Alberta Equestrian Federation

Contents Equine Conditioning Exercises” with Tina Watkins, Inhand Equine Therapy Collaboration with AEF The team at Inhand Equine Therapy were excited to collaborate with Alberta Equestrian Federation on this equine